Semo Port


Board of Commissioners

The Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority (Semo Port) is governed by a nine-member Board of Commissioners. Four members are appointed to staggered four-year terms by Cape Girardeau County, four members are appointed to staggered four-year terms by Scott County, and a ninth member (whose appointment alternates between the two counties) serves a two-year term.

The officers of the Board are elected by the Board of Commissioners. The positions include Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. Members of the Board also serve on various committees: construction, finance, maintenance, marketing, and planning.

Membership as of March 1, 2021:

Name Title Term Expires
Lloyd Smith Chairman 12-31-2026
Steve Obermann Vice Chairman 12-31-2026
Brian Menz Treasurer 12-31-2025
Kent Puchbauer Secretary 12-31-2024
Jim Simmons Commissioner 12-31-2027
Rob Erlbacher, II Commissioner 12-31-2027
Mark Phillips Commissioner 12-31-2025
Gary Miller Commissioner 12-31-2024
Larry Dowdy Commissioner 12-31-2025