Semo Port




Interstates 55, 57, and 24. Interstate 55 is located three miles west of the Port. It connects Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans. All major east-west Interstates in the midwest cross I-55.
Interstate 57 to Chicago and Interstate 24 to Nashville and the southeast are about 30 minutes east of Semo Port. US 60 runs east-west through southern Missouri and is being expanded to four lanes. It connects I-44 at Springfield MO with I-24 at Paducah KY.

Missouri Routes AB & K. Two state highways serve Semo Port. Route AB, the direct link to I-55, was opened to traffic on October 10, 1997. Also known as Nash Road, this east-west highway runs the length of the Port and extends four miles west to I-55. Its $8 million construction involved nearly a mile of fill, over 20 feet in height, which places the entire length of the new highway above the 500-year flood elevation.

Route AB has a concrete pavement 9″ thick on a 4″ Type 5 aggregate base with 28 feet of width. Asphalt shoulders 9″ thick and six feet wide are on each side. This provides a 40 foot wide surface which is striped as two 12-foot driving lanes and two 8-foot shoulders.

Route K connects the Port to I-55 through Scott City. It has an asphalt surface 26 feet wide.

Trucking Companies. A wide variety of trucking services are available at Semo Port. These include national, regional, and local carriers for both truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) services. Equipment types include flatbed, hopper bottoms, end dumps, straight dumps, vans, tanks, covered hoppers, pneumatics, and reefers. A full-service modern truckstop, repair garages, and tire services are available at the I-55 interchange.

Two of the terminals at Semo Port, Girardeau Stevedores (573-264-3882) and First Missouri Terminals (573-335-5775) provide trucking services.