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SE Team Tracks

Semo Port Railroad
10 Bill Bess Drive, Scott City, MO 63780
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Semo Port’s Team Tracks are available to the public for loading and unloading railcars. They are useful to customers which do not have their own private spur tracks, or for railroad customers who need other facilities or occasional extra capacity. The Team Tracks can hold up to 24 cars, and track space can be rented on a daily or long-term basis. The name “Team Track” dates to the days in history when teams of horses would pull wagons alongside railroad cars for cargo transfers.

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Highway access is convenient, with the intersection of two state highways (Missouri Routes K & AB) located a few hundred feet away. Interstate 55 is four miles west on Route AB. River access is adjacent (800 feet) at the general cargo dock, operated by Girardeau Stevedores. Warehouse storage and open storage are available nearby.

The Team Tracks offer lighting for night operations, nearby fire hydrants for fire protection, and security gates which can be used if needed. Fire protection is provided by fire hydrants throughout the area (10″ PVC mains, nearby 250,000 gallon tank on Port property). The Scott City fire station is two miles away.

Team Track facilities include a freighthouse, end ramp, concrete pads, and general areas.

SE Freighthouse

Freighthouse.  The “Freighthouse” is a covered concrete platform at 48″ height, which allows forklift transfers of freight between railroad cars and truck trailers. A ramp connects ground level with the platform. Three truck trailers can be backed to the platform at the same time, and a fourth trailer can be spotted alongside if needed. Lighting is available for night operations. Located on the North Team Track, there is room for up to three railcars at a time (using spots N5-N9). For a drawing with dimensions, please click here.

End Ramp.  A converted flatcar of 63 foot length serves as a ramp to load and unload from other railroad cars. It ramps from ground level to the standard flatcar deck height above rail. The End Ramp allows transfer of tractors, combines, bulldozers, construction machinery, cranes, and other vehicles. There is room along the ramp for a crane or other equipment used in the tie-down process. It is located at the west end of the North Team Track (car spots N1-N2, additional spots available as needed).


Concrete Pads.  Two concrete pads are available. Their surface is at the height of the track’s crossties. The west pad measures 20′ wide by 140′ long. The east pad, adjacent to Cross Road, measures 20′ wide by 60′ long. Pole lights are in place for night operation. The pads can accommodate various types of equipment used for rail-truck transfers. The concrete pads are located along the North Team Track (car spots N3-N4 and N9-N10).

General Areas.  Roadways and parking areas adjacent to the tracks are surfaced with crushed rock for all-weather operation. They allow space for direct transfer of loads between trucks and railcars, including heavy crane lifts. Some areas have lighting for night operations. Car spots include those between facilities on the North Team Track, three car spots on the North Team Track east of Cross Road (E1-E3), and the South Team Track (car spots S1-S10).