Semo Port

Old Dock

Semo Port
10 Bill Bess Drive, Scott City, MO 63780
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Semo Port’s “Old Dock” was built on the river, just below the dike at Mile 47.9, in the early 1980’s. Today, the modern general cargo dock (operated by Girardeau Stevedores) is the primary facility, but the Old Dock is available for use as needed. Built at a lower elevation, the Old Dock is more prone to closure by river levels but still has a high level of availability. It has a surface of crushed rock and a staging area adjacent for trucks and cargo. Two barges can be tied side-by-side between the Old Dock and the dike. Access to Semo Port Railroad is available nearby along Rushing Road and at the Team Tracks. Due to the location below the dike, a good water depth is maintained. It has been used for loading logging equipment on to deck barges, construction of highway bridge steel sections, and occasional cargo work.