Semo Port

Other Area Terminals

As information, the following private terminals are located near Semo Port (as listed in the Inland River Guide, Corps of Engineers’ data, and updated).

ID Terminal Phone Services
46.6 R Tower
Rock Stone

(formerly West Lake Quarry)
(573) 264-3800 Private quarry dock; loads crushed stone
49.8 R Lone Star Industries (573) 335-5591 Private dock; loads cement, unloads gypsum and coal
49.9 R Biokyowa
(formerly Shell Oil)
(573) 335-4849 Private dock; unloads molasses
50.0 R Ramstar
(formerly Standard Oil)
(573) 335-5775 Out of Service
50.1 R Lone Star Industries (573) 335-5591 Barge
fleet area
50.5 R Consolidated Grain & Barge (573) 335-2411 Grain elevator (South Cape, formerly Cape Grain)
50.5 R Dumey Excavation (573) 545-3030 Construction of highway bridge components
50.5 R TransMontaigne
(formerly Itapco, Mobil)
(573) 335-6688 Petroleum barge-to-truck terminal
51.3 R Missouri Dry Dock & Repair Co (573) 335-6685 Repairs to towboats and barges
52.3 R Kidd Fuel downtown
(formerly Atlantic Richfield)
(573) 335-8160 Petroleum fueling facility
53.0 R Cape Girardeau Sand (573) 335-7766 Private sand company
54.6 R J.D. Street
(former petroleum terminal)
Out of Service