Semo Port


Semo Port Railroad – Quick Facts

Reporting Marks SE
Accounting Code 788
Connections Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF)
Cape Girardeau, MO
Location: Coal Track, south Cape yard
Union Pacific Railroad (UP)
Capedeau Junction, MO (C-132)
Location: SE Interchange Track
Approved 08-15-94: Interstate Commerce Commission, Finance Docket 32543
Purchased 10-28-94: from Missouri Pacific Railroad (Union Pacific system)
First Carload 12-03-94
Operations General Code of Operating Rules (same as BNSF and UP)
Classification Industrial Lead (Rule 6.28)
FRA Class Class 1 (bridges) and Excepted, 10 mph maximum speed
Rail 112 lb and 133 lb (main line), 112 lb jointed (Harbor Lead)
Line Elevation 339 to 414 feet, maximum grade 1.7%, max curve 6 degrees
Locomotives U.S. Army 1823
General Motors 1500 horsepower diesel-electric locomotive
Model GP7L – Built 1951, Rebuilt 1979
Acquired via Defense Reutilization Marketing Office, Fort Carson CO,
General Services Administration, and State of Missouri Surplus Agency
in November, 1994
Motive Rail Corporation 8300 (ex-P&L GP10)
Motive Rail Corporation 8303 (ex-P&L GP10)
Motive Rail Corporation 8342 (ex-P&L GP10)